Town Deal Projects

Information about the projects being developed as part of our Town Deal programme

The projects which have been identified to receive investment from the Town Deal Fund are aligned with the Government’s four investment priorities. 

  • Urban regeneration
  • Planning and land use
  • Skills and enterprise infrastructure
  • Connectivity (both digital and physical)


In response to those  priorities we submitted a Town Investment Plan for St Ives based around three themes :

* Low carbon, transport system

* Local skills,  jobs and business 

* New and transformed housing and community assets  

The journey so far

During 2020 we worked closely with the community to develop an initial long list of 40 potential projects. These were then assessed using a robust project selection and management process to produce the short list of 12 projects included in our  Town Investment Plan.

Following the development of detailed  business cases, nine projects were chosen to go forward by the Town Deal Board and Cornwall Council. 

 In Autumn 2022 the Government released the first instalment of the Town Deal funding to Cornwall Council. This has meant that work can begin on delivering the nine regeneration projects in St Ives. 

These projects are detailed below.  Please click on the project name for more details about the project and the latest news. 

Nine projects to regenerate our town and grow our economy

Theme: Low carbon, transport system 

The Town Deal investment will be used to help reduce the impact of vehicles on St Ives and introduce interventions that encourage walking, cycling and the use of public transport.  

Low carbon transport  


Theme: Local  skills, jobs and business 

By creating a more diverse economy and strengthening skills provision in the town, particularly digital skills, we want to support  people getting jobs locally and help them establish businesses that benefit from our visitor economy. We are also seeking to create new green jobs and businesses in local supply chains, reducing carbon emissions and improving resilience. This will be delivered through a major programme of linked investments in both the top of the town and town centre.

St Ives Enterprise Grants 

Leach Pottery & St Ives Digital Trail 

Theme: New and transformed housing and community assets

St Ives has a serious shortage of social and affordable housing. When this is combined with a lack of available land and low levels of affordability, it means that buying and renting property in the town is out of reach for many of our residents, especially younger people. Our housing projects will provide high quality affordable, key worker and extra care housing for local people and support the retrofitting of existing housing stock to improve energy efficiency.

Old Vicarage Flats

St Ives LiveWest

Rugby club scheme

St Ives does not have many of the anchor community institutions of larger towns, such as a college, multi-use hub or a large enterprise centre. Community focused assets here are much smaller, and provide a vital network of benefits including socialising, clubs and events and pastoral support. We also need to invest in our community and cultural assets to ensure that they are fit for the future. 

St Ives Guildhall 

St Ives Theatre regeneration

St Ives Community Orchard  

The next steps

These projects will enable the Town Deal programme to deliver on the key outcomes set out in the original bid and maximise the impact of the towns fund investment in St Ives:  

* Generate inclusive green growth and new enterprise, within a year-round economy

* Support the health, wellbeing and aspiration of all residents in life and work

* Create opportunities for young people which allow them to flourish

Work is now taking place to issue Grants Funding Agreements to the projects to enable them to go forward with their plans.  These may include commissioning staff and contractors, submitting planning applications if required and securing additional match funding. 

All the Town Deal funding must be spent by the end of March 2026.

While the smaller scale projects will be completed early in the programme, the larger scale transformation projects, which are more complex and may require additional external funding, will take longer to deliver. However, all are expected to be completed by the end of the Town Deal programme in 2026.