Leach Pottery and St Ives Digital Trail

Investment in the Leach Pottery will create a community hub where local people and visitors can come together to train, develop their creativity, improve their wellbeing, support each other and bring clay to life. A new production studio and learning space on this world-class site will create new all year round jobs, providing additional training, work facilities and apprenticeships.

The creation of a St Ives Digital trail will highlight opportunities for locals and visitors to explore St Ives away from congested high traffic areas. This will bring economic benefits to organisations on the trail and to the wider town as people explore previously “hidden” areas.

This is a large scale transformational project which will require additional external funding.


With concept of the new design completed just before Christmas and the appointment of a contractor in January, the works are due to begin in February. The outcomes of the planning application for Phase 2 (the historic buildings) and a corresponding funding bid to the Arts Council are expected within the next few weeks.

A temporary kiln shed is being designed for the potters during the construction of new production and learning studios, and staff are working with environmental innovation specialists Planet A to test new, greener firing methods for the new kilns. 

The stored collections, Library and Archive are being moved to Kresen Kernow, and the learning team are due to move off-site in February to allow closure of Beagle’s Cross cottage, ahead of its demolition in April 2024. The learning programme will then be delivered from Newlyn School of Art and in the Museum.

Plans are being developed to submit an application for Round 2 of National Lottery Heritage funding in February. This will support the Town Deal grant to develop the whole site. 

St Ives Digital Trail Project Management, Discovery and Delivery

Leach Pottery is looking for a team to deliver a key part of its programme of work funded by the Town Deal.

The aim is to create a culture-led digital project that uses local voices and stories to actively engage visitors and locals in discovering St Ives beyond the usual places and spaces. St Ives has a varied historic and contemporary heritage and much of it goes undiscovered by both visitors and residents. Research suggests that residents can feel disconnected from the town, its events and unique attractions which are often felt to be ‘just for tourists’. One of the key aims of the project is to engage local residents in everything that makes St Ives a unique and special place to live.

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A new-look blog – leachpotteryblog.com -has been produced to keep stakeholders up to date with the project’s major milestones. The first of a quarterly printed newsletter update is being delivered to local residences over the next few weeks.

To read more about the Leach Pottery plans visit https://www.leachpottery.com/leach-pottery-proposed-development” 

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