St Ives Town Deal

£25million to enhance and improve St.Ives for the future

The St. Ives Town Deal

Our town, our ideas, our future

St Ives has a very short period to develop a vision and Town Investment Plan to potentially access up to £25m for what are called ‘interventions’. The object being to deliver ‘’economic productivity through urban regeneration, planning and land use, skills and enterprise infrastructure and connectivity’’.

If successful, St Ives will enter into a Town Deal with the government, with the overall aim of levelling up our economy, bringing opportunities for everyone who lives and works here, providing quality employment and real aspiration for all. This will be wrapped in a circular and green economy approach – meeting the needs of all within safe environmental limits – and making St Ives ready for the challenges of the future. We need to embrace change for the town and think differently in order to put together a successful bid!

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Read the full briefing document here and understand what it is all about.

St Ives Town Investment Plan - Submitted Feb 2021

Read the full Town Investment Plan going forward to the government for £25 million in funding

Summary of Engagement - Over 1,000 survey responses have been recorded

Thank you to everyone that has taken the time to complete surveys and speak to us.

First Funding Announcement

St. Ives Skate Park Regeneration Project is awarded £450,000 from St. Ives Town Deal as first major project funding is allocated

Fishing Funding Announcement

Funding to safeguard St Ives’ strong fishing heritage. The project has secured £50,000 funding out of the £500,000 advanced funding allocated to the town as part of the Government’s Accelerated Towns Fund. The funding will enable the building of a new fishing facility on St Ives’ quay to sell the catch of the day directly to the town’s residents and visitors.

Our Vision for St Ives

Our overall vision and strategy for St Ives has been developed by local communities and businesses. Our vision has been driven by local people:

To build on the rich tapestry of assets in St Ives, from its beautiful coastal scenery and living heritage of its vibrant culture, and local community, focussing on the needs of residents, whilst continuing to welcome visitors, embedding sustainability and attracting new enterprise, and supporting the aspirations of the next generation.

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