St Ives LiveWest Low Carbon Retrofit

This project involves carrying out an energy-efficient retrofitting programme to 200 social housing properties in the town.

The work, which will be led by LiveWest, will improve the thermal efficiency of the buildings, and reduce drafts, heat loss, and the reliance on carbon based heating systems, creating greener homes which are cheaper and warmer to live in.

The project will also work with residents in the town to integrate sustainable transport and waste & recycling improvements into estates in the town and help to develop local green skills and employment opportunities.


The St Ives retrofit project is a very complex programme which involves carrying out a range of energy efficiency works in individual properties.  

In 2023 the team started work on the programme, investing over £1.2m into the town (including unlocking over £600,000 central government funding) and undertaking works on the first 65 properties in Trewyn Flats, Treverbyn Road and Tregwarry Road.

Work last year focused on getting properties properly insulated, draft proofed (including lots of new windows and doors) and in some cases upgrading new heating and hot water systems.

The next phase for 2024 will continue fabric property improvements and include the use of new technologies such as solar panels.

During the year ahead the project team will also be working with customers to introduce improvements to waste and recycling facilities.

You can find out more about the project on the LiveWest website: