St Ives will be a town enriched with opportunities for young people to develop their wellbeing, personal growth and support for education and employment. In turn, the young people in our community will contribute to the future growth of our local economies and innovations.



St Ives will be a place where young people are supported socially, physically and emotionally. Young people will have world class resources made available to them to provide opportunities for personal and professional development. There will be clear routes for training into the local economy as well as opportunities to develop their expertise and training for support national and global employment.


Group Purpose

The purpose of this group is to act as a voice for the young people in our community. 32% of the population in St Ives are aged 29 or under so this groups aims to ensure that the projects considered will have a long lasting positive impact on the community and that they will engage and improve the live chances of young people in St Ives.


Group Engagement

Sub Group Lead – James Butterworth (Head of School – St Ives School)

Neil David (Sub Group Lead – Digital and Connectivity)

Matthew Pound (Director of PE – St Ives School)

David Peters (Community)

Anthony Cornish (Community)

Margaret Notman (Community)

Potential Projects


Well-Being Centre 

Project Lead: Matthew Pound (St Ives School)


Our proposal has multiple aspects to address the problems above. Each aspect can be achieved in sections or as a whole project. Our total vision is to create a Well-Being Centre at St Ives School for the benefit of the entire community. A place to play, work, train, be supported and be well. This project is designed to support the mental, physical and social well-being of the people of St Ives through the creation of a focal point for the town involving the work of multiple agencies working in partnership to meet the challenges identified above.  There are three main aspects to the Well-Being Centre:

A place to be physically well:  build multi-purpose, high quality sports and exercise facilities that consist of:

    1. An Indoor Sports Hub that will house:
  • a 2 x tennis court size indoor sports hall (double sports hall)
  • a multi-activity studio (suitable for yoga/ dance)
  • high quality changing room facilities
  • a centre office for day to day management and commercial management of the Centre.
  • a fitness studio
  • multi use classroom / conference room
    1. A fully covered indoor 3G (artificial grass) sports pitch
    2. A Building to house the existing 4 x multi use courts and installation of four basketball posts.

A place to be mentally well: we aim to create a Pastoral Hub for the town. A space for different support agencies to work from and work together that acts as a clear focal point for the town for those in need of extra help or who are at a disadvantage. This space will include meeting rooms and office space for hot seating.

A Place to be socially well: to create new spaces and utilise existing facilities that can be used to drive business development and skills training. The spaces can be used to house start-up businesses, a place for groups to meet, work and socialise. In addition we hope to create an IT training facility for use by businesses, support agencies and individuals to develop essential skills to build capacity, productivity and connectivity.


Under the wider remit of developing well-being and supporting a regenerative economy, social inclusion and green growth, there are additional aspects of the project are also part of the plan in addition to the buildings themselves:

  • Create apprenticeships in partnership with TPAT in grounds and facilities management, sport and exercise coaching, and administration.
  • Maximise the use of the Well-Being Centre and its reach into the community including targeted groups by working in partnership with key providers and agencies who will use the space. These include local sports clubs, counselling services for children and families, mental health support groups, employment support and skills training providers. We already have letters of support from many of these potential partners.
  • Promote the use of the 3G pitch and sportshall for indoor community events (the pitch would likely be the largest , open covered space in the county)
  • Ensure maximal use of sports facilities by using Club Spark technology to book court space.
  • To reduce the carbon footprint of the building by exploring solar panelling, ground source heat pump and wind generated electricity, as well as rain harvesting on the new buildings.
  • Install electric car charging points
  • Increase the number of available car parking spaces at the school site to not only allow for increased use of the buildings but as additional public parking to reduce congestion in the town.
  • To explore potential partnerships for transport into town using public transport and green options including electric vehicles.


  • An improvement in living standards through access to high quality sport and leisure facilities
  • An improvement in all aspects of well-being for the St Ives Community and the school through engagement in physical activity at the Well-Being Centre.
  • An increase in the number of people who are IT literate in St Ives
  • An increase in participation in physical activity (especially in Winter)
  • Development of a culture of sport and physical activity
  • Establishment of a very clear well-being support network of agencies for St Ives
  • Increase in entrepreneurship and successful start-up businesses in the town
  • A decrease in obesity levels
  • A reduction in the volume of traffic in St Ives town centre in the holiday period
  • In improvement in reported scores for well-being measures within the community
  • A sustainable and long term provision of facility, opportunity and support.

Stakeholders who have pledged support:

  • Carbis Bay Dance School,
  • St Ives Rugby Club,
  • St Ives Football Club,
  • St Ives Cricket Club,
  • St Erth Primary School
  • St Uny primary School. 
  • Man Down
  • Mencap
  • Supasport Southwest
  • Dare to Work
  • Cornwall Rural Community Company
  • Re-Build South west
  • Seetec Plus
  • St Ives and Carbis Bay Coffee and Lunch Club
  • Active Leisure
  • Volunteer Cornwall
  • Pentreath Ltd

Subgroup Lead

James Butterworth