Smeatons Pier

Programme update

Having identified potential projects in our successful Town Investment Plan, the government asked for the shortlisted projects to get further developed and demonstrate their feasibility through the development of their business cases.


This has been a complex process requiring the leading organisations to provide the details of the cost and scope of each project, as well as outlining key milestones and construction dates.


Once completed, the business cases will need to be formally approved by Cornwall Council as designated accountable body. This allows for the business cases to enter the next stage, which consists of going through a rigorous assurance process led by the Council.


Following the review, the St Ives Town Deal programme and approved projects will be submitted back to the government for final approval later this summer.


The government is expected to confirm the Town Deal allocation for St Ives and release the first part of the funding this autumn, paving the way for a detailed programme of works and timescales to be developed by early April 2023.


All the Town Deal funding must be spent by the end of March 2026.


While the smaller scale projects will be completed early in the programme, the larger scale transformation projects, which are more complex and may require additional external funding, will inevitably take longer to deliver. However, all are expected to be completed by the end of the Town Deal programme in March 2026, regenerating and invigorating the town, bringing in new facilities and fresh opportunities for the local community.


Regular updates on the overall Town Deal programme and the progress in delivering individual projects will be provided via our website and social media channels, and in the local media.