Fishing Sub Group

Fishing Sub Groups details:


To  develop a sustainable and profitable fishing cooperative  and community



Theory of Change: Expected outcomes over the short, medium and long term

  • You can buy fish again including straight off the boat
  • Stronger local economy – circular economy
  • Adding value to local catch
  • Create employment
  • Encourage micro business development e.g. pop up fish restaurant
  • Training, upksilling and apprenticeship opportunities
  • Develop a sense of pride within the local community around fishing
  • Link with wider heritage and cultural offer for locals and tourism



Group Purpose

This will benefit the local fishing community, locals and tourist alike. 


Group Engagement

Informal meetings down the quay and cellars. Email and telephone correspondence


  • Aiden Maclary – fisherman
  • Nathan de Rozarieux fisherman /fishing consultant and cellars
  • Trevor Tilsley fisherman
  • Mike Ridgway  – St Ives Harbourmaster
  • Peter Tanner fisherman
  • Stewart Brom – Clary fisherman and cellars
  • David Prisk – fisherman Cellars
  • John Whitfield  Shamrock Lodge

Potential Projects



Smeatons Pier

Crane, Cold and bait storage and shop/kiosk for selling fish down the quay


Cooperative Development

  • Commando garage
  • Unit at Penbeagle
  • Lobster storage tanks

Subgroup Lead

Sarah Stevens