Expression of Interest

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Expression of Interest

Thank you for your interest in the St. Ives Town Deal Fund. 

The opportunity to submit an expression of interest has now closed. Projects that have been submitted will now be scored against certain criteria and the project selection matrix. Please keep an eye on social media for project updates.



St.Ives Skatepark Project


St Ives Town Investment Plan Project Selection Matrix 

Why a selection matrix:

  • A clear and transparent selection matrix that all potential projects are measured against
  • Economic, social and environmental indicators in order to fit with local strategy and Towns Fund objectives
  • A simple message to give to potential project leads and anyone submitting projects

The following matrix will be used to assess all projects submitted to St Ives Town Deal Board for possible inclusion in the St Ives Town Investment Plan. Projects will be awarded a score of 0-3 for all the following indicators. Decisions won’t just be made on numbers alone though. Detailed discussions will be held with proposed project leads to assess where support may be needed to increase a projects ‘score’ and overall fit with the Fund criteria.



1.     Identified project lead

2.     Business Plan – project readiness

3.     Deliverability

4.     Co-funding potential

5.     Main form of business within the boundary map



1.     Community contribution:

·       quality of life,

·       sense/pride of place

·       well being

2.     Targets most deprived areas and/or those most often left behind



1.     Contribution to carbon reduction and/or biodiversity gain

2.     Local procurement, guaranteed for project lifetime

3.     Local energy generation; local production and processing; waste reduction



1.     Value for money – value added locally

2.     Number of new year round jobs paying real Living Wage and/or above UK average wages 

3.     Apprenticeships and training schemes offered

4.     Sectoral networks and synergy with existing and/or emerging projects