Privacy & Data Use Policy


Privacy and Data Use Policy

We take data seriously, whether that is your data or our data.

At St.Ives Deal we keep a small amount of personal information about people who communicate with us. These people have shown an interest in the deal in the past or we have interacted with them in some way.

Data is important to us and we take care to do all within our power to take the right steps. Here is how we may collate, use, and keep your data

Email newsletters 

If you sign up for our email newsletter we collect your name and email address, which we’ll store in our Mailchimp email marketing database and on our website CRM.

We will only send you an email and nothing else.

You can unsubscribe from our newsletter at any time by clicking on the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the newsletter email. St.Ives deal will not rent, sell or lease this personally identifiable information to other companies or individuals.

You have a right to access, rectify, modify, and delete any data referring to you. To do this contact us immediately

Working with Others

St. Ives Deal is the Data Controller responsible for ensuring the protection of data information. Third Parties will only process that data to the extent needed in order to provide a service.
St.Ives Deal will not use personal data obtained in the course of providing our services for any other purpose and will not give it, in whole or in part, to anyone other than to our client in its capacity as the data controller, unless we are asked to do so by law.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

If you interact with us in the business world by email, on social media, or in person,  or if you otherwise engage with our marketing content, we may create an entry for you in our CRM system.

We do this as we have a legitimate interest in you and we believe you have a legitimate interest in us and our services. We will record your email address, name, company and link to you via social media accounts. We may make a note of meetings with you and also useful memory joggers about your business so we only send you relevant communications.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to keep track of things like how many people come to our website, where they nose about on the site and where they take action. We use this to make our website a good experience.

We get no personal information from Google by doing this.


Cookies are small pieces of information stored by the web browser on your computer’s hard drive; they are used to assist in tailoring your return visits to a website, or to assist in monitoring website usage. They do not allow St.Ives Deal to identify the geographic position of the user of the relevant computer and we will not release website usage information, in whole or in part, to anyone.

Developing the business

Sometimes we contact people if we believe their business could benefit from the St. Ives Town Deal. We only use contact data that’s publicly available and it’s a business contact. (never a personal one). Name, work email, phone number, address, or social media profile information. These contacts are always 1-1 and not on mass.

Keeping the data safe

At St. Ives Deal we use cloud-based systems keeping data protected by companies that are also GDPR compliant. We do not keep data on personal systems or unsecure in any way.