Smeatons Pier


St Ives will be a place which celebrates its living heritage – a town which creates the conditions for its unique landscape, heritage, culture, creative industries and events to thrive and inspire for future generations.



St Ives will be a place where….


…..cultural organisations are plentiful, entrepreneurial and innovative, contributing to prosperity and wellbeing, and supporting a culture that is richly creative, diverse and internationally distinctive.


This group will investigate project concept ideas from the cultural and heritage sphere in St Ives, both to understand where there are potential gaps in current local provision and where linkages can be developed to enhance existing and new initiatives. 

The group will liaise with other groups and agencies locally and beyond where there are similar or potentially linked initiatives to explore synergies, avoid duplication, establish demand and study outcomes.

The group will produce an outline plan to assist:

  • Desirable and deliverable projects within the TF timeframe
  • Project leads, partners and estimates
  • Indicative timeframes and costs; sustainability
  • Potential for co- or match-funding
  • Linkages and further collaborative opportunities 


Group Purpose

St Ives is deeply grounded in its striking landscape, proud industrial and fishing heritage and renowned creative influences – its distinctive cultural landscape lies at the heart both of the community and the economy.


The group seeks to support prosperity in the town through projects which can coalesce around both the living heritage and industrial innovation; which in turn allow people in St Ives to be part of a sustainable, resilient economy. 


Group Engagement

Who has been/is involved in subgroup discussions, what organisations and businesses do they represent


Dhyano Angius – Media Artist/Performer

Libby Buckley – Leach Pottery

Lyn Burchess – St Ives Archive

Diane Callicott – St Ives Archive

Louise Connell – Tate St Ives

Lucy Davis – Cornwall Council

Neil Davis – St Ives Town Deal

Chris Hibbert – Borlase Smart John Wells Trust

Lauren Hogan – Tate St Ives

Tony Mason – St Ives Tourism

Sarah Stevens – St Ives Town Deal 

Rowena Swallow – St Ives Town Deal


Potential Projects


  • Leach Pottery (Lead) – Commercial studio space and community facilities.  Possible links with Orchard and Skatepark initiatives.
  • Heritage Centre (Archive lead) – Archive/Heritage Trail/Museum/Porthmeor Fishing Lofts/Fishing linkages.

No estimates as yet. Possible links with Palais de Danse.


  • Palais de Danse (Tate lead) – Building fabric; possible needs analysis, consultation, residency or oral history linkages (as above).

No estimates as yet; possible funding from Tate Estates or HLF.


  • Malakoff (CIC lead) – Enabled maker and co-workspace for creative industries sector business; links with St Ives Box and CIC.

Strategic decision required regarding possible building options.


  • Art-4-Rent (Art-4-Rent lead) – Gallery Shop and online initiative to rent out and circulate works of art to the community; links with storage facility, and Community Land Trust as beneficiary.

Plan of Action

What do we need to do to make the above happen

  • Leach, Archive/Museum/Trail/Fishing, Palais and Malakoff EOI’s to be progressed for strategic assessment as outlined.
  • Other sites and buildings will be investigated as appropriate to the above (Parish Rooms, Industrial Estate etc)


Subgroup Lead


Rowena Swallow